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So after a couple weeks of time, mostly waiting, I can finally reveal what I’ve been working on, and I’m hoping some of you may find it useful! So, as someone that’s been dabbling with CRTs, Downscaling, retro stuff, etc etc, I’ve run into snags here and there. One of these snags, which is fairly trivial, but seems too common without too many obvious solutions, is sync between different devices. Example, if you want to go from a VGA source like a computer, to a display with only a single sync, like RGBS on a PVM, you need a way of getting both syncs into one.

Enter, the passive sync combiner! Based on a schematic found on the RetroRGB website, designed by Ste over at HDRetroVision, which many of you know as the creators of some of the best retro cables!

The goal is to get a 3D case commissioned for these, order parts if there’s interest, and then I’ll be able to do the rest of them! If anyone would be interested in helping with that part, you’re more than welcome to contact me!

Also, for those with the more sophisticated equipment, if there’s enough requests, I have already also designed a BNC version of this, so no need to do unnecessary adapting if you don’t need it! But same processes, so it’ll take a little bit longer.

Now, yes, I am going to be trying to sell these, but merely as a service or kit. I take no credit in the actual sync schematic design. Only the revisions and process of turning it into a viable product. So with that said, please if you could, kindly follow this link and place your email and or any other necessary contact information so I can get an idea of how much interest there is and any how many units I might need to prepare!

TLDR: Passive Sync Combiner, interested in it? lol.

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